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I’m 18, Now, and Here’s What I Hope To Achieve By The Time I’m 20

I think most 17-year-olds who’re nearing their 18th birthday get excited and you probably are too. I mean, why shouldn’t you be? You’re finally going to be an adult. Get to have a seat at the big people table, have a beer and get to learn to drive a car and ride a bike and things of that nature. Or not, if you’re like me.

I already know how to drive a car, thanks to Mum and Dad and I’ve had a beer, thanks to Luve, my 22-year-old friend. What I don’t have, is a seat at the big people table and to be really honest, I don’t give a fuck. Who wants to talk to people your opinions don’t match with, people you have to respect just because they’re older and be talked down to just because you’re younger?

I’m excited but also not excited to turn 18.

Why? You might ask. It’s simple. When someone you don’t know tells you they’re seventeen? SEVENTEEN. What goes through your mind? Let me guess. Kid. A fucking kid. That’s it. SEVENTEEN SCREAMS KID. But when you turn 18, EIGHTEEN, it gets complicated. You’re assumed to act and talk about things a certain way. You’re expected to take responsibility in matters that you’re not even remotely connected to. But that’s not what I’m really scared of. I can handle petty complications. What I can’t handle are not-petty-and-very-serious complications. Like: Get your act together. Help yourself.

Everyone needs help in some way or the other. Some people are mentally independent and I really admire them for everything they are, but, I’m not one of them. I need someone to keep me sane. Someone to tell me I’m good enough and keep me from quitting everything there is to my life.

That said, I don’t want this to be a “look at this 18-year-old privileged kid talking about mental health” post. I want to take this post to talk about what I want to achieve in the next two years, that is, by the time I’m twenty years old.

  1. Work towards being emotionally independent.
  2. Be able to call myself a YouTuber.
  3. Make films.
  4. Learn astrophotography.
  5. Be a better storyteller.
  6. Lose weight and be able to trek 10KM/day.
  7. Travel to all 29 states in India.
  8. Learn to prioritize.
  9. Make 200 films.


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